Materials Characterization

Materials characterization in DMA

To perform process-simulation, accurate mathematical models of the material behaviour during cure need to be developed.

Convergent has a laboratory where material characterization and mathematical model development is performed. Note that all of our software packages use the same material databases.

The table below shows what type of material models are required for different types of analysis using RAVEN and COMPRO. Please contact us for pricing and availability of material models.

Material model
Required for
Thermo-Chemicalcheck markcheck markDegree of cure, gelation, glass transition temperature.
Agingcheck markcheck markRoom temperature cure advancement.
Stress and Deformation check mark

Modulus development, thermal expansion, cure shrinkage, residual stress and deformation. Pseudo-elastic and full viscoelastic characterizations are available.*

*Requires a thermo-chemical material model of the material.

Flow check mark

Resin viscosity and flow.*

*Requires a thermo-chemical material model of the material.